• Wheel RX:  Wheel Cleaner (18 oz)
  • Wheel RX:  Wheel Cleaner (18 oz)

Wheel RX: Wheel Cleaner (18 oz)

$ 13

18 oz.


Shine Society’s Wheel RX:  (Includes Microfiber Towel) Most of our customers don't know just how corrosive brake dust can be. Brake dust will literally eat away at the finish of your wheels, which can leave permanent stains or even take it off completely. Proper wheel care is imperative when it comes to keeping your vehicle looking fresh! Wheel RX is the go to product for ensuring your wheels or rims are healthy. Our unique formula will not only eliminate brake dust, but will also keep new brake dust from adhering to your wheels!

Here are a few application tips when using Wheel RX.

    • Wheel RX works best when your wheel, rims, and tires are cool to the touch. This will ensure that you will get the best results out of this product.
    • Use clean microfiber towels when wiping the product off.
    • Allow the product to sit for 5-10 seconds before wiping off. This will give Wheel RX the chance to melt away nasty brake dust and road grime.

Shine Society is the only car care manufacturer on the planet that uses strictly all natural and sustainable ingredients in our products.

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