• The Complete Detailing Kit

The Complete Detailing Kit

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Shine Society’s Complete Mobile Car Care Kit is the #1 preferred option by professional detailers for mobile car care. You no longer need to wait until you get home to clean that nasty mess or spill. This innovative car care kit allows you to take care of it right on the spot!

Here is what you’re getting when you purchase Shine Society’s Complete Car Care Kit.

    • Ecoboost: A waterless car wash & quick detailer that melts dirt and grime off your exterior without disturbing your wax/sealant layer. (18oz)
    • Lemon-Aid: The most powerful all purpose cleaner and disinfectant out there! Smells great and is safe to use on virtually any surface. (18oz)
    • Glass RX: Extra strength automotive glass cleaner. Anti-streak formulation. Guaranteed to make your windows so clean you will forget they’re there! (18oz)
    • Wheel RX: Easily remove road grime and brake dust from your wheels, with or without water!  (18oz)
    • Microfiber Towels:  Clean everything up with high quality microfiber towels.  (10 count)

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