• OG Black:  Interior Shine Dressing (18 oz)
  • OG Black:  Interior Shine Dressing (18 oz)

OG Black: Interior Shine Dressing (18 oz)

$ 13

18 oz.


Shine Society’s Super Trim (Includes Microfiber Towel) is the #1 choice for keeping the trim on your vehicle looking great - guaranteed to give you the shine you're looking for. Super Trim is formulated with all-natural gloss agents which ensures you’re getting a medium gloss finish that dries quickly and promises a natural, showroom finish to any plastic, rubber, and vinyl surfaces. Shine Society’s Super Trim is safe to use on light and dark surfaces. For deeper results, let the product sit for roughly 30 seconds before wiping off.

Here are some tips for achieving the best results when using Shine Society’s Super Trim.

  • Try to avoid using Super Trim in direct sunlight. You will get the best results indoors or in shaded environments and if the surfaces are cool to the touch.
  • Spray on an even layer of Super Trim and allow the product to sit for 5-10 seconds before wiping off in circular motions.
  • Simply spray on and wipe off. When drying, we recommend using a very dry microfiber towel and wiping in circular motions.

Shine Society is the only car care manufacturer on the planet that uses strictly all natural and sustainable ingredients in our products.

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