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Leather Conditioner (8 oz.)

$ 14

8 oz.

Leather Cream is simply the best leather restorer and conditioner on the market today. This brand new, original formula has been tested over and over again by our crew of professional detailers on literally every type of leather available - and let me tell you, our customers couldn’t be happier! From ancient leather to brand new leather and everything in between, Leather Cream will penetrate deep into the pores and hydrate from within - keeping your leather looking healthy for a very long time. 
Leather Cream will enhance the color of your leather goods by hydrating from within. It will not change the color of your leather, but your leather may take on a (temporary) deeper, richer hue. It is safe to use on boots, handbags, wallets, car seats, sofas, shoes…you get the picture - basically anything that is made with leather! 

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